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What you need to know about a basement conversion

How often do you use your basement? Nowadays basements are rarely built into new homes, but if you have an older property then the chances are you have a basement of some description. If you do, then in what capacity is it used?

Probably storage. But it can be so much more than this. Use your imagination and give your home the valuable space it needs.

Basement conversions are pretty easy to get permission for as well, and on many occasions you don’t even need to get planning permission. This is because the basic infrastructure is already in place and you’re only making changes to ensure it’s habitable. Remember though that Building Regulations will apply and these are very different to planning permission.

So how long will it take to get your dark and damp basement into a light and appealing living space? Well, if you already have all the basic structure in place then it won’t take too long. Typically a company will come in and make the area habitable in just a few weeks.

Of course, you’ll need plenty of light down here to create a great atmosphere and this can be achieved with faux windows, computer controlled lighting or even solar tubes. Now just remember to keep the basement in proportion with the rest of your home. Don’t be tempted to dig down further.

How about the cost? For all those who need to watch their spending you’ll want to know what this is going to cost you. A simple conversion will cost between £750 and £1,400 per square metre, so it’s along the same lines as a loft conversion. If you need to factor in costs such as underpinning, strengthening foundations or drainage, then it’ll cost substantially more. If structural work is needed you could be looking at up to £2,500 per square metre.

Also don’t neglect the cost of kitting out your conversion once the process has been completed as you’ll need the furnishings for the type of area you’re going to enjoy.

Evy Coe

Evy works for Quotatis as a Content Marketing Executive. She loves to write about interior design and help homeowners with their DIY projects.