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Benefits of a garage conversion


Moving home is now a lot more expensive than it once was, so naturally it has become an unappealing option for those seeking extra space. Not only will you increase your mortgage when relocating but you’ll have to pay a number of fees to solicitors and estate agents, plus stamp duty. This is thousands of pounds simply going down the drain.

So what are the other options? Well, extensions and loft conversions have always been popular. Expanding the home this way is a viable option but you’ll need the space outside for an extension and creating a room right at the top of your house may not be too appealing. You could hardly have a kitchen or dining room at your home’s peak.

So what if there was space you could utilise elsewhere, used only for the storage of tools, bikes and junk that gets shipped there throughout the years. Of course, this is the garage. Converting the garage won’t take the time you’d expect for a loft conversion or extension either and you could be ready to move in within three weeks.

The great thing with garage conversions is they can be used for whatever space you need, whether it’s a living room, dining room or an extension to the kitchen. You could even add an extra bedroom or bathroom.
However this is no simple task and should be completed by reputable professionals, which means it’s always a good idea to get three or four competitive quotes before selecting the right company for you. Asking for recommendations and seeking portfolios are two useful tips.

Another benefit to garage conversions is you’re not likely to require planning permission unless you want to make any changes to the structure of the building. It’s always best to double check with the council though in case there are specific regulations in your area.

It’s also wise to speak to your neighbours and listen to any concerns they may raise. It’s best to do this than get their backs up when the work commences as you don’t want the hassle of any objections from those around you.
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With a garage conversion, the aim will be to ensure the finished look blends with the rest of your home. The garage door will likely be removed and replaced with brick and a window. Once completed though you’ll see plenty of value added to your property, usually in excess of £10,000 depending on how the space is used. It will also make your home more appealing to potential buyers in the future, increasing the chances of a sale.

However, if you’re thinking about converting your garage it’s probably because you need more space. Therefore, consider the project as a way of improving your standard of living rather than as a standalone investment.

You’ll be ready to start using the new room quickly and your only dilemma will be where to store the bikes.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • A garage conversion will add thousands of pounds to your home’s value and bring much needed space to the property.
  • Unless the exterior is altered, on most occasions you won’t need planning permission to convert your garage.
  • Garage conversions are a cheaper alternative to moving home which could set you back thousands of pounds in fees and charges.
  • A garage conversion can be used for whatever your home needs, including an extra bedroom or bathroom, or an extension to the kitchen.

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