Garage Conversion Planning Permission

The housing market has quietened a lot over the last 5 years and property costs have actually stagnated. On top of this, the expenses and costs associated with moving can likewise be expensive. This has led to more property owners wanting to stay put and transform their homes for more space.

Like the loft, the garage is redundant. As a result, garage conversions have grown in appeal as a way to develop more living space. No longer is a garage for keeping cars and rather they appear to be filled with tools and old furnishings.

There are plenty of benefits to a garage conversion, including the possibility to add considerable value to your home – great for the tough real estate market. Depending on your garage and what you desire to do with the conversion, the work you require to do will vary and cost will be affected by the windows, roofing, walls and flooring.

Do not be put off by planning permission rules

There are a variety of usages for a garage conversion and some of the more popular include:Garage conversion

  • A lounge or dining room
  • An extra bedroom
  • An extra bathroom
  • An extension to your kitchen
  • A home gym
  • A home office

Many do not move on from the initial thought because of the fear of planning permission charges. But in real fact, in a lot of cases planning permission simply isn’t a concern. Prior to going over the technical details further, it is necessary to know that if you live in a listed building or Conservation Area it’s best to gain approval from your local planning authority to prevent unwanted problems later on down the line.

Nevertheless, for the remainder of the UK, planning permission is rarely required. So long as work performed is internal without changing the appearance of the exterior, you won’t fall under the bracket of requiring planning approval.

Garage conversion
If you’re ever in doubt surrounding permitted development rules, ensure you speak with your local planning authority. At the end of the day, converting your garage is one of the best ways to acquire extra space around the home without having to take up your garden with an extension. With relaxed planning permission and the opportunity to create anything that interests you, think about transforming your garage today.

Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • A garage conversion will add countless pounds to your worth and bring much necessary space to the property.
  • Unless the exterior is modified, on the majority of events you will not need planning approval to convert your garage.
  • Garage conversions are a more affordable alternative to moving home which could set you back countless pounds in fees and charges.
  • A garage conversion can be used for whatever your home needs, including an extra bedroom or bathroom, or an extension to the kitchen area.

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