Advice on Picking a Garage Conversion Company

When you’re picking a garage conversion company, it’s worth taking the time to find the right one. This will help you end up with quality work at a fair price.

To help you with picking a garage conversion company for your project, we’ve put together some top tips.

Get lots of quotes in person

It’s best to get lots of quotes for your garage conversion project. This way you’ll be able to compare prices and work out who is offering you a reasonable rate. Try to get these quotes in person, after a professional has seen first-hand the work that needs to be done. Quotes made this way are likely to be far more accurate than prices given over the phone.

Get proof of insurance, company name and address

To ensure that you end up with a legitimate company, ask for proof of insurance, company name and address. If you use a company that you’ve found through our service, we’ll have already done this for you. Knowing these details also means that you’ll always be able to get in touch with them if email or phone calls fail.

Steer clear of cold callers

In your hunt for the right garage conversion company you should also steer clear of cold callers. Companies who turn up at your home unannounced are less likely to do quality work than professionals you find through friends and family or our network.

Read customer reviews

It’s also a good idea to look at customer reviews when you’re picking a garage conversion company. Search their company name or take a look at their Quotatis profile page if you found them through our service. You can also ask companies for customer references and photos of their work.

These tips should help you with picking a garage conversion company that does a good job. To get in touch with companies in your area, complete our online form. We’ll connect you with up to 4 garage conversion companies in your area.