The Endless Possibilities with a Garage Conversion

If your garage is storing everything in it but your car, it might be time to think about putting the space to better use. But what could you do?

Think about what your home is lacking in. Is it an extra bedroom? More living space? A playroom? Read on to find out about all the possibilities with a garage conversion.


Converting your garage into an extra bedroom is a great way to use the space. Whether you’d like a guest room or your children are fed up with sharing, a garage is a perfect way to expand your home without having to go to the expense of building an extension. What’s more, adding an extra bedroom increases the value of your home, as it often pushes it into a higher price band.

Games room

Garage conversion 3If you enjoy playing pool and other games after a long day at work, why not convert your garage into a games room? It’s far better to have a games room on ground level so you don’t have to drag heavy equipment upstairs. If a games room won’t go down too well with everyone in your family, consider making part of the room a comfy space where others can relax.

Dining room

A lot of homes have their kitchen connected to their garage, so if you’d like a separate space to enjoy your family meals why not convert your garage into a dining room? Separate dining areas are sought after by buyers, so you could add a lot of money to your property just by utilising the space.


Lots of people dream of having a gym in their homes but just don’t have the space. Well if your unused garage is going spare, think about turning it into gym.

garage gym
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It doesn’t have to cost too much in decorating expenses, so once you’ve got all the equipment you want you’re good to go.


If your kids are taking over the living room with their toys, why not change your garage into a playroom? With the right insulation and bright colours, your children can be happy for hours in a room that’s close enough to you to keep your little ones safe but just far away enough that you can get some peace and quiet.

Now you’ve seen some of the possibilities for your garage, get up to 4 quotes from reputable builders who will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your conversion.

Emily Rivers

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